Dec 15, 2014
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Version 0.3.3 can generate encrypted DCPs: with the keyman application you can now generate KDMs, too.

May 9, 2013
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In version 0.3.2, DCP Builder will not require any registration, and it will be watermark-free.

Jan 3, 2013
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It took longer than expected, but now you can try the new version 0.3.1, with some bug fix and EXPERIMENTAL support for cryptography. It is only available for Windows 64 bit, at the moment, and other platforms will be added periodically.


DCP Builder

DCP Builder can be used to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), which can then be played on Digital Cinema servers. DCP creation needs several image processing techniques, such way that encoding becomes a very CPU intensive task.

This software makes use of many freely available libraries, which are listed in the credits menu. Please note that this program is conceived to be used by cinema professionals, and not by the casual user.

DCP builder v0.2 Freeware edition


You can consider to contribute to the development with a donation, especially if you use it extensively and are economically rewarded with it. Other similar professional programs cost thousands of Euros, which you are saving. Every donated Euro will help development, research, and quickly answering to your requests!

Main features of version 0.3.4 are:

  • multiplatform - Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, 32 and 64 bit;
  • Two different JPEG 2000 compression engines available (OpenJPEG, C Quick JPEG 2000);
  • Watermark-free;
  • Reel encryption and signing (only available in Crypto Edition)
  • 2K, 4K, and 3D picture format;
  • Flat, scope, HDTV, full, and other custom aspect ratios;
  • 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 FPS frame rates are supported;
  • 48/96 kHz sound sampling rate;
  • 1.0, 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, and (up to) 16 audio channels layout;
  • converts audio clip formats (WAV, FLAC) plus TIFF/PNG/TGA/DPX/BMP sequence of pictures. It also converts nearly all video formats, thanks to a user-supplied external FFmpeg plugin;
  • supports multiple origin RGB color spaces (PAL, NTSC, BT.709, sRGB, etc.);
  • can save Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM and DCDM*) in PPM/AU/J2K/XML format;
  • can use different files for audio, video, and text input;
  • supports SMPTE and Interop DCP formats;
  • can resume work from partially completed DCDM or DCDM*;
  • subtitles in burn-in, SMPTE, and Interop mode;
  • DCP finalization success email
  • encryption, signing, and generation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM). 

What it does not support:

  • MPEG-2 DCPs;
  • assembly of multiple input clips;
  • video frame rate resampling (audio is slowed-down or speeded-up);
  • pitch shift of audio;
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