Dec 15, 2014
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Version 0.3.3 can generate encrypted DCPs: with the keyman application you can now generate KDMs, too.

May 9, 2013
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In version 0.3.2, DCP Builder will not require any registration, and it will be watermark-free.

Jan 3, 2013
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It took longer than expected, but now you can try the new version 0.3.1, with some bug fix and EXPERIMENTAL support for cryptography. It is only available for Windows 64 bit, at the moment, and other platforms will be added periodically.


DCP Builder Keyman

This program is used to generate KDMs that can be sent out to servers for scheduled and controlled play-out of DCPs.

This program is not enclosed in the DCP Builder bundle, and it must be downloaded separately.

Keyman can only be used in conjunction with a version of DCP Builder capable to do encryption. 

The current version of the program (0.1.1) runs only from the command line.

The program accepts some parameters from the command line:

#> keyman -t device_certificate_file [-k kdm_file_name] -a asset_database_file [-p asset_database_password] -c cpl_uuid [-start 2012-09-03T12:18:28+00:00] [-stop 2012-09-19T02:39:24+00:00] [-startn 01d05h23m] [-stopn 16d00h58m] [-R registration_code] [-f]

The parameters are:

  • -t device_certificate_file, SHA256 PEM certificate of the target device media block, must be provided in .crt or .pem uncompressed format, not zipped or gzipped, and must contain the SHA256 public key of the target media block
  • -k kdm_file_name, name of the generated KDM file, if not given it is automatically composed using the KDM parameters
  • -a asset_database_file, complete path and filename of the encrypted database containing assets properties, as produced by DCP Builder Crypto Edition when encryption is activated
  • -p asset_database_password, password used for accessing the database, if not given it will be asked
  • -c cpl_uuid, UUID of the composition playlist of the encrypted DCP for which the KDM is being generated. The UUID can be retrieved either from the CPL file name itself, or by peeking inside the CPL XML file
  • -start 2012-09-03T12:18:28+00:00, validity starting time of the KDM, in this exact format. If not given, it starts from the OS current system time
  • -stop 2012-09-19T02:39:24+00:00, validity ending time of the KDM, in this exact format. If not given, it is 15 days from the OS current system time
  • -startn 01d05h23m, validity starting delay time of the KDM, in this exact format. If not given, it starts from the OS current system time
  • -stopn 16d00h58m, validity ending delay time of the KDM, in this exact format. If not given, it is 15 days from the OS current system time
  • -R registration_code, enter the registration code (not needed)
  • -f, prints system fingerprint

Let's have an example. The database containing the encrypted DCPs is named "encrypted4real.db" and it has been protected with the password "***". The database contains the encryption keys for the CPL UUID "7a7a41b8-3d27-4508-840c-99c3d2c9dc04". If we want to generate the KDM for a Doremi DCP-2000 server whose certificate is "imageworks-doremi.pem", for a time window starting from now and extending for 15 days in the future, the command line is

#> keyman -a encrypted4real.db -p *** -c 7a7a41b8-3d27-4508-840c-99c3d2c9dc04 -startn 00d00h00m -stopn 15d00h00m -t imageworks-doremi.pem

The output is

** CPL UUID: 7a7a41b8-3d27-4508-840c-99c3d2c9dc04 **


* Asset #0 *

DB Id : 48

UUID  : 5c883618-cff9-4a2e-b6e2-163bade72bfc

Type  : 1

Key Id: 69d868cb-a3aa-1837-9815-6465e98de92a


* Asset #1 *

DB Id : 49

UUID  : b8d9adda-b23f-49b0-b288-c4d3c37cd514

Type  : 2

Key Id: e7a03029-3cb5-3882-fb16-5929fae0fec1


Generated KDM: KDM_BIG-BUCK-BUNNY_SHR-1_C_EN-X_2014-06-30_2014-07-15_imageworks-doremi.xml

The generated xml file is the KDM file which has to be sent to the projection facilities for unlocking the screening of your DCP in the selected time frame: simply open the XML file with a text editor and verify that the time schedule is as expected.

Compatibility and tests

The KDMs prepared by this program have been tested on the following DC servers or DC software, in the combination "Interop DCP + SMPTE KDM" only.

  • Hardware players
    • Doremi Labs DCP-2000;
    • Doremi Labs IMB-4K;
  • Software players
    • EasyDCP Player.
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