Dec 15, 2014
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Version 0.3.3 can generate encrypted DCPs: with the keyman application you can now generate KDMs, too.

May 9, 2013
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In version 0.3.2, DCP Builder will not require any registration, and it will be watermark-free.

Jan 3, 2013
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It took longer than expected, but now you can try the new version 0.3.1, with some bug fix and EXPERIMENTAL support for cryptography. It is only available for Windows 64 bit, at the moment, and other platforms will be added periodically.




General issues 

How can I add further presets in the wizard?

Presets are partially completed .dcb projects which are placed in a default directory in your system. This folder is generally in the installation directory: c:\programs\dcpbuilder\template under Windows, in /usr/share/dcpbuilder/template (or similar, use find for the exact location) under Linux, or inside the Contents/MacOS/template app folder under Mac OS X. So, basically you just need to create a DCP builder project file with all your preferred settings, save it with a significant name (for you), and place it in the template folder. When you restart the program, it will find the new template, that will be selectable in the File->new menu.

Do I need to select XYZ colorspace and 2.6 gamma, as per DCI specs?

Generally, you don't, unless your source material has been formatted in this way. Normally you have an input that is in sRGB or in BT.709 colorspace, try to select them.

I am not able to run the program. Can you prepare the DCP for me? Can you give me the best settings?

No, it is not possible. Please refer to a DC encoding facility or service, or experiment by yourself. Please don't ask things that are already covered in this manual.

I want/need the source code? How do I get it?

Source code is not available.

Can I use the program to prepare a DCP for distribution to cinemas?

Of course, yes. You can also consider the “License” and “Disclaimer” sections, that is, you may want to credit this software and not try to sue me if it does not work as expected. In case, a free entrance for the premiere is welcome!

I want the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feature on the program. When will you add it?

Just try to ask for it, ONCE, and wait (it may be a very long wait).

What happens when input clip and DCP frame rates are different?

Generally speaking, nothing bad, if they are not too different. The program will always try to maintain the audio in sync with the video, thus, for example, a 25 fps input clip converted into a 24 fps DCP will result in audio slow-down. No processing is done to adjust the pitch, you get what you get. If your concern is on the audio quality, you should adjust the clip before converting it into a DCP.

4K encoding is very slow and crashes the program.

Crashing happens generally when too much memory is being requested by the application, and you are running under a 32 bit OS. Try to set the number of threads to 1, before starting, and, when encoding, increase it up to an acceptable limit. Differently, run a 64 bit native version of the program (this is different from running a 32 bit version on a 64 bit OS).

The program starts encoding and after a variable amount of time, it crashes.

Are you running a 32 bit OS? Try to lower the number of threads (e.g., 2). Unfortunately, the OpenJPEG compression engine requires a lot of memory. A 32 bit OS (or 32 bit subsystems under a 64 bit OS) can only allocate a maximum amount of 2 GB of RAM to ALL its 32 bit applications. From my experience, close any other program you have open (browsers are especially memory-eager) and avoid exceeding 1.2 GBytes of used memory for the tool.

When I start the program, all commands seem to be in a frozen state.

That is normal. You just need to start a new project (empty, prebuilt, or simple wizard) and then it will get defrost.

Encoding is slow. How can I improve speed?

Every effort has been done to make things go fast. Faster encoding needs costly libraries, contact the author for possible solutions. If you are strongly interested in faster DCP encoding and can fund development studies, just try to ask.


Registration issues 

I have asked for a registration code, but did not receive it. How do I get it?

You need to do these steps:

  • if you are not a member of DCPBUILDER.COM, get a free access
  • after signing in, issue a registration code request
  • if all the required fields are present, and you have not yet received any code, within few hours (max. 1 day) you will have the code via email

Why the "one code per employer" limit?

This program is not conceived to be used as a DCP mass production tool. Large companies are well able to buy commercial licenses of other similar tools.

I am not employed by any company. Can I get the code as well?

Of course, that is possible. Just specify that in your request - in addition to all other required fields - and provide at least a link to some of your work or demo reels.

I want to test the program, please give me the registration code.

If you just need to test the program, there is no need to ask a registration code. The DCP will be watermarked in the center of every frame but, apart from that, it will work perfectly as if registered. After you have tested it successfully and you are satisfied with it, then apply for your registration.

I need this program, but don't really understand why you want all my personal information details.

At the beginning of this manual there is an updated list of programs that can do DCPs, both free and commercial; you are not obliged to use DCP Builder.


Import issues 

Why there is no more AVI and MOV support?

In order to avoid risks of patent infringement (e.g., H.264, MPEG-2), all the FFmpeg or Libav code used for this has been removed. This has nothing to do with the LGPL licensing, which was completely fulfilled. You can personally enable support to AVI and MOV (and other types of video as well), however.

Is it better to export my input sources to TIFF or to DPX?

For me, it's better TIFF. But others might prefer a different format. However, always try to use your original clip. If it's an AVI, why exporting to TIFF?

Is ProRes supported?

ProRes can be decoded using the FFmpeg plugin, if enabled by the user. However, I do not know up to what level is this codec supported.

Why did you choose FFmpeg instead of Libav?

I think FFmpeg has still some words to say.

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