Former manager slams Manchester United star for not being a top player anymore

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  • Tim Sherwood attacks Raphael Varane
  • This player ‘s physical condition is not the same as before.
  • Erik Ten Hag should give other people a chance.
Former manager slams Manchester United star for not being a top player anymore

Tim Sherwood, former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, a Premier League club, currently plays the role of a guru for “Sky Sports”, a famous sports media. Came out to criticize Manchester United defender Raphael Varane for not being a world-class player anymore.

Currently, defender of the French national team. Struggling from constant injury problems, this ยูฟ่าเบท season he has only played 7 games, which Sherwood sees as Varane starting to get physically weak after moving from Real Madrid in 3. year ago

Sherwood said: One player that really annoys me is Raphael Varane. I think he’s starting to count down from being a top player. He was never fit. when he is fit he is only moderately fit.

“We all know he’s had a great career. But at the same time, everyone was happy to find fault with Harry Maguire ‘s form even though Varane couldn’t play. The person who played more was stronger person And those players can play every week.

“For Varane, it looks like playing one game and being injured for two weeks. And he seems to pick the games he plays. But when he plays He didn’t perform very well. Erik ten Hag doesn’t judge players equally. He just puts people on the field and hopes one of the superstars can lead the team to a win.”

Sherwood said: “In my head I said Marcus Rashford was good enough to play for Manchester City, but after watching him play for Manchester United in a few months, past I would go crazy for that.”

“But I believe he’s good enough to play for Manchester City. Pep Guardiola will work with him and he’ll let Rashford play the way he wants. Because when Rae Chford plays for the England national team. He didn’t play badly at all. He needs the people playing around him to give him the ball in the right areas. If you pass the ball to him in the right area. He will make an impact and Pep Guardiola will be able to make it happen.”