Haaland reveals ‘I’m going to end up laughing if my dad does that’ after watching old clips together

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Erling Haaland and his father Alf-Inge Haaland go back in time to look at the past. At the football stadium of Haland Sr. that made Haland Jr. Out of shock at the brutality of his father.

   Erling and his father Alfi sat down to discuss the best moments of Haland Sr. In Manchester City shirt, Haaland, who signed for Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund this summer. Born in England during the summer when his father moved from Leeds United to join the Blues.

          while sitting down in front of the camera of Manchester City Haland Jr. looked back at his father’s outstanding times. This includes the goals, assists and even tackles in the bizarre fight that the Norwegian midfielder is known for. His Manchester City career turned into a scandal when he played against Roy Keane, but at other times he was not. His might have been forgotten many years ago. But Haaland’s father and son seem to enjoy watching old footage together.

          After seeing a number of pictures as a child of Erling wearing the Manchester City and England shirts, The duo have also watched old clips of Alfie, which started with Haaland’s tackle as well as his first yellow card for Manchester City, where his first yellow card could have been lighter in comparison. Subsequent tackles come in the clip, with the first of them meeting Sunderland in the 2000-01 season, seemingly confusing the Blues’ new forward.

          “What are you doing?” he asked him after the clip showed Haland Sr. Run straight to the ankle of the opposing player. “That’s a red card,” added the former Red Bull Salzburg forward, adding there was also a clip of Haaland battling in midfield with the player who was at the time with Leicester City. Like Robbie Savage. “That played with Savage,” he says. “Dad had a real fight with him. But it’s funny.”

          And after watching his extraction, which was normal in that era. Haaland Sr. revealed he was ‘lucky’ that there was no VAR at the time, and his son said his father didn’t ‘think’ each tackle. He added: “When I saw these extractions, I think my career would have been over if my father had been attacking me all this time.” However, Haaland Jr. said he felt he had the same energy and determination as his father. He had the gene of diligence and wanted to do the best of his father.

          and after seeing some of his father’s interception Haland Jr. I would like to see some goals scored for my father’s club. And he hopes to score three times more goals for the Blues than his father did. “I’m looking forward to seeing if we get to score some goals!” Haland asked hoarsely. Then saw his first goal against Manchester City against Sunderland. before seeing another goal in the game against Aston Villa at Haland Junior Proudly declared a ‘good goal’. 

          However, it soon saw Haaland’s embarrassing three-year spell with Manchester City , an unforgiving miss from a corner that drew laughter from the two boys on the couch. Good because this striker has never seen a funny mistake. of his father before And Haland Sr. even asked not to replay this shot again. “I have to say I’m a better finisher,” Haaland said. “I have to say this. But being a defender [and] midfield isn’t bad, I’ve seen some nice goals. Some of my father’s.” “But I have to say. There was also a beautiful mistake of my father.”

          Another moment that Haland Sr. It became famous in England during the away game against Leicester City where he prematurely distributed shirts to fans. and he explained what happened in that incident. “This is the away game against Leicester. I think the game is over. So father gave the shirt to the cheerleader. But I had to ask for that shirt back because my father had already given it away.”

          among funny clips And heart-warming, Father Alfie had the encouragement to give to his son for the first few games. And hopefully he can score a lot of goals for Manchester City . “I remember starting the first game very badly,” he said. “The first home game was very important to us. and we won that game And I score goals.” “There are many emotions. The great supporters were there at Man City and full of emotion. So the ball can look forward to scoring the UFABET ball’s first goal. It was a good experience.”