Which kind of “egg cholesterol” is the highest?

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It’s also known as an egg cholesterol. But each type of egg, chicken egg, duck egg, quail egg gives the amount of each nutrient differently.

Most of the main nutrients Contained in eggs is protein followed by fat. Followed by other nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, iodine and cholesterol… which many people may try to avoid

If you compare the amount of each nutrient in each type ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com of egg. will see the difference clearly

Which kind of "egg cholesterol" is the highest?

The amount of each nutrient in eggs is different.

Egg nutritional information Comparison per 100 grams
 duck eggsquail eggsegg
energy178 kcal171 kcal143 kcal
protein13.03 grams13.30 grams12.77 grams
fat13.35 grams12 g9.65 grams
calcium98 grams153 grams70 grams
vitamin A269 ​​grams143 grams182 grams
iodine52 mcg49 micrograms
cholesterol543 mg508 mg427 mg

Source: Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health

From the table, you can see that duck eggs have the most cholesterol. They are followed by quail eggs and chicken eggs (compared to the same amount of eggs), but overall they are more nutritious eggs. the highest as well except protein and calcium Where there are more quail eggs but how no matter what type of egg All of them have good health benefits together with them. If eaten in the right amount

For people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat Should not eat more than 3 eggs per week. or eat according to doctor’s advice for patients with other diseases You can eat 1 egg a day or as your doctor ordered.