Who is the most beautiful footballer in the world who is her favorite footballer

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Ana Maria Markovic, a young forward for Grasshopper Club Zurich. The Croatia national team is regarded. The most beautiful footballer in the world revealed that Who is her favorite footballer?

  Ana Maria Markovic has revealed that her social media has been harassed with unwanted X-rated photos. Many messages from fake managers Since being called the ‘most beautiful’ footballer in the world. Grasshopper Club Zurich striker And the Croatian national team made headlines earlier this month. After posting pictures of her in a sexy bikini and broadcasting her career at UFABET club and national level via Instagram with 627,000 followers.

          Most recently, the 22-year-old has given an in-depth interview on the other side of her reputation and what she has earned. She received both compliments and rude comments and jokes that affected her nascent career. In an interview with 20min, she was asked what kind of messages she received. Since being called the ‘most beautiful’ footballer in the world.

           “Many people write to me pretending to be the manager. I know exactly what they want from me. They have never seen me play football and only look outside. I think it’s unfortunate. I think these people should find out more in advance. And see what I can do in terms of football. A lot of people still make me feel beautiful. Just because of that You will be able to do something on social media with me. They want to make money from there.

Markovic was            also asked if she had ever received unwanted x-rated photos. which she revealed that it used to really be like this and said how she reacted “There are quite a few pictures like that. it’s really ugly I don’t know why people One can do that. me and my friends I can only see it as a joke.” “Sometimes a funny message It came from people who wrote that they wanted to serve me like I want to clean my soccer shoes after practice.”

           During the interview , Markovic also named Cristiano Ronaldo as her favorite footballer due to his discipline, along with Luka Modric and Ramona Bachmann. that is her role model After confirming that she would rather play for Chelsea than get a modeling contract , Markovic also explained how her career came first. Although she likes to be called the most beautiful footballer in the world. But Markovic is not happy to be called sexy because it disrespects her family.